Here you’ll find information about our Payroll Services. We also have videos detailing how all of these services work using our  Help Guides .

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Tax Services

All federal and state tax reporting requirements will be accurately and timely processed.  This includes quarterly payments to state and federal entities (Forms 941, 940 and NYS45) along with W2 reporting. Funds are debited with each payroll for all tax liabilities.

Employee Self Service

Allows your employees to have specified online access to all their personal information including contact information and payroll deductions.

Certified Payroll

Take the worry out of completing government forms required from contractors & sub-contractors working on federal, state and local jobs. Reports will be generated with each week’s payroll on the mandatory Form WH-347.

Direct Deposit

With Village Payroll the hassle of having to deposit a physical check is eliminated.  There are no restrictions on the number of transactions allowed, employees have the freedom to deposit money into multiple accounts, including a money market account, HSA, IRA, etc.

Time off accruals

Employees’ PTO (paid time off) will be tracked and reported on each check. This takes the hassle of employee’s constantly inquiring about how much time they have used or what their accrual balance is away from you.

Trust Services

Instead of using your bank account to pull funds for every employee’s paycheck, Village Payroll will provide bank services to pull funds for each payroll run. This takes away the daunting task of reconciling your account for each employee’s check as they are cashed.

Pressure Sealed Checks

Pressure sealed, perforated checks eliminate paper folding, the manual sealing of envelopes, and most importantly a highly secured method of transporting checks to employees.  The check is sealed and can only be viewed and opened by breaking the perforated seal. 

Agency Checks and garnishments

Deductions for child support, garnishments and tax levies can be withdrawn from the employee’s pay with the insurance of 100% compliance with state and federal regulations. A check will then be generated payable to the appropriate agency including all corresponding case numbers which can then be sent directly to the agency to meet payment requirements of the employer.

Paperless Payroll

To avoid delivery costs, clients have the option of a paperless payroll. Check stubs & reports are available on the same day the payroll processes. Paystubs can be e-mailed directly to employees. Tax documents & W2’s are always available to view and or print if necessary. Reports are then available all in one spot on the web for future use. In addition, Accountants and or Auditors can be also given access to the reports to avoid having to compile the information when needed.

Payroll Reporting

Village Payroll utilizes Apex HCM Software that comes delivered with over 100 payroll reports.  The software is also capable of creating custom reports or data extracts.  Village Payroll will work with each client on an individual as needed basis to create/modify reports to provide a customized payroll report package meeting the client’s needs.

W-2 and Year-End Reporting

Village Payroll will generate your employee’s W-2s and file your W-3 information with the Social Security Administration. We recognize the confidentiality of these statements, which is why we use pressure seal technology to better protect your employee’s information.

In addition, Village Payroll will file all year-end Federal, State and Local Tax forms.  As the employer you will receive copies of all documents for your records.

Village Payroll can also accommodate and produce 1099 statements for any non-employee payments.

Check Signing

Digitalized signatures can be established, taking away the need for physically signed checks. 

Our most used reports:

Payroll Detail: A comprehensive listing of all checks paid within the pay period(s) containing current/YTD hours, wages, deductions and Employee/Employer taxes

Tax Liability Summary: This report summarizes the Total Payroll Tax Liability for the current pay period, month to date, quarter to date and year to date

Direct Deposit Summary:  Itemizes the amounts deposited in each employee’s accounts, and the banks which the funds were sent to

Deduction Report: Itemizes each deduction by category including employee name and amount deducted.  Also shows any company matching contributions for 401K/IRA or HAS accounts

Payroll Expense Summary: This report summarizes total payroll expense broken down by category. Direct deposits, deductions, taxes, invoice and live checks are all itemized and includes a total payroll expense for the pay period

Time Sheet:  Several time sheet options are available to include, or mask pay rates.  They can be set up by Divisions or Departments and can be customized for the clients individual earning codes