Village Payroll - Tips and Tricks

We have created and compiled an assortment of videos to ensure your understanding of our services with detailed guides and information for your ease of access. 


Timekeeping - Job Numbers 

Assigning employees to job numbers and IDs.


Timekeeping Process - Clock Transactions

Clocking in, clocking out, and time adjustments


Reports - Quarterly Report Package

Our package for reporting quarterly numbers.


Reports - Payroll Report Package

Using the payroll report package. Read about it on our website


Timekeeping - Time Off Approval Set Up

Setting up time off request processes. Our website has more details as well!


Reports - Quick Report

How to process and use quick reports


Reports - Changing Status of Reports and Viewing Old Reports

How to access old reports and functionality of report status.


Preview Payroll

Understanding the "preview payroll" function. 


Payroll Check Calculator
Using the check calculator for payroll. Read about our other services.


Payroll - Journal Overview

Overview of journal functions for use in payroll.


Online Timekeeping Overview

An overview of the timeclock and online timekeeping functions.


MyGO - Mobile App Overview

Informative overview of the MyGO mobile app by Village Payroll.


HR - Onboarding

Onboarding and hiring processes for HR


Mass Edits to Employees

Performing mass edits to employees and employee groups.


Manual Checks

Writing manual checks in your system.


HR - Time Off Requests

Time off requests for use by HR through the Village Payroll System.


HR - Tasks

Task creation and management for use by HR. 


HR - Performance Management

Using and tracking performance management. 


HR - Org Chart

Organizational chart for use by HR


HR - Information

Information for comprehension of the capabilities of the system for HR.


HR - Forms and Documents

Making use of forms and documents for HR through the system.


HR - Company Announcements

Utilizing company announcements provided by HR, which can also be found on the Village Payroll 


Enter Payroll, Enter Hours, and Pay Enhanced Pay Grid Options

Entering payroll, hours, and pay enhanced pay grid options in your system. 


Enter Payroll, Enter Hours, and Pay Standard Grid

Entering payroll, hours, and the pay standard grid for your employees.


Enter Payroll - Setup Screen

The setup screen used for entering payroll for employees.


Employer on the GO - Dashboard Screen

The Dashboard screen for our Employer on the GO.


Employer on the GO - Overview

An overview of Employer on the GO.


Employees Withholding

Information about employees withholding income


Employees Withholding - Alternate Tax % and Additional Amount

Information about employees withholding income with alternative tax percentages and additional amounts


Employees Variable Pay - DEP, Job, or Rate ID

Variable pay information for employees regarding DEP, Job, or Rate ID. 


Employees and Contractors- Direct Deposit / Workers Comp

Information regarding direct deposit and worker's compensation plans.


Employees Direct Deposit - Multiple Accounts

Utilizing direct deposit for employees using multiple accounts.


Employees and Contractors - Pay Info tab

Payment information for employees and contractors. 


Employees Product Access

Access to functions for your employees through our system.


Employee Self Service

Self-Service options for your employees


Company information - Notes

Tracking information for and about your company.


Employees and Contractors - General Tab

General, "home" tab for employees and contractors.


Employees and Contractors - Contact Tab

How to operate the contact tab for employees and contractors.


Company Setup - Job Classes

Classifying jobs and setting up employee details


Employees and Contractors - Deductions and Accruals Tab

For employees and contractors - overview of deductions and accruals (income vs. expenditure). 


Company Setup - Vendors

Vendor setup and management through Village Payroll.


Company Setup - Job Titles

Setting up job titles for your employees and employee groups.


Company Setup - General Ledger

Setting up your General Ledger. This is a resource available from us 


Company Setup - Deduction Overview

An overview of deduction options for your company.


Company Setup - Deduction of Pretax Medical

Setting up your pretax medical deductions for your company. We also have ACA OnDemand info.


Company Report Configuration

Configuring reports to run for your company. One of the many functions of HR through Village Payroll.


Company Information - Holidays

Information about holidays for your company


Company Information - Company Details

Details about your Company within your system.


Company Setup - Earning Codes

Setting up earning codes for your company. 


Company Setup - Overtime

An overview of setting up overtime for your company. 


Company Setup - Banks

Setting up and linking banks for your company's payroll and HR.


Approve Payroll - Notify Payroll Company

Approving Payroll and Notifying the Payroll Company.


Approve or Close Payroll

Using Village Payroll services to approve and close payroll.